I  would love to live in a society that is mostly served by small and medium sized companies, and luckily in New Zealand I kind of still do.  I believe that any society is best served by medium sized companies, as all employees still understand the customer needs and are motivated to fulfil them. In large companies the 7th accountant might never have spoken to a customer and that lack of customer contact changes the conversations and decision making in any company. I have studied the struggles of small and medium companies and they break my heart, confirmed by the shocking statistics of only half of companies surviving for longer than 3 years.  That is why I choose to use my business knowledge to support small and medium sized companies, helping them being successful.  Their success helps building the society of my dreams.  As a consumer I try to support small companies and buy locally made products as much as I can.


I have the following qualifications:

Executive MBA (Masters of Business Administration)
BSc in International Marketing
Diploma in Business Administration


I am naturally curious about businesses. I love immersing myself in a business, identifying the hotspots and helping people maximise their potential. It gives me great satisfaction to see my customers´businesses go from OK to great.

I like life and work to be fun and I believe in considerate and honest communication, respecting confidentiality at all times.

Listen to an interview on Radio New Zealand where I discuss my passion for business here.


I have had a very successful career sitting on different management teams for over 10 years. Roles included:

COO for Apple IMC
Head of Marketing for Croxley
Director of Product Management & Branding for Ossur (international leading medical company)

Today I own and run 4 successful small businesses.

My focus has been on general management, strategic planning, product management, marketing and communications. I am experienced in local and global markets, across a wide range of industries.

I believe that my successful career is down to high ambition, drive, honesty and strategic thinking.

Please see my CV to read more about my professional background.



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