Why Business Coaching?

Research reveals that business managers are more likely to succeed if they use outside consultants.

The simple fact that there is someone interested in your progress will help keep you on track. Working with a business coach is also a great way to review and develop your business, making sure you reach your targets and realise your dreams.

Coaching Options


Ad Hoc, i.e. hourly coaching suits those that want to solve a specific problem or brainstorm about an idea.

$185 / hour


On-going, monthly coaching is for those who are serious about making changes and keeping their business on track.

  • 2 hrs of coaching / month
  • Email support
  • Personalised KPI sheet

$315 / month

All prices exclude GST

* On-going and Kickstarter customers benefit from our workshops and attract a 30% discount on them

Coaching Packages


One-off package designed to get your business on the right track, 7 hours coaching over 6 sessions including three months of follow-up.

  1. Situation analyses, 1 hour
  2. Setting objectives, 1 hour
  3. Planning workshop, 2 hours
  4. Implementation: Three months of Coaching for follow up, 1 hour x 3

$1,190  – $990 Special price


This tool helps you keep track of the big picture and your progress. You are also 100% more likely to achieve written down objectives.  Business performance is improved by setting and regularly reviewing quality key performance indicators (KPI).  Simple yet powerful tool.

  • 90 minute KPI session
  • Personalised performance dashboard


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The one tool that has influenced me the most as a manager is to have my personality profile done and to learn how to apply this simple tool in my communication with customers and employees.

  • Personality profiling test
  • Training on tool application in real life


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Want to built a winning brand in your industry? A session designed for those that are either getting ready to launch a brand or wish to take their existing brand to the next level.  A 90 minute, practical and hands-on session designed to help you understand various aspects of branding small companies.  You will walk away with a broader view on the subject and a long to do list.


Coaching Locations

Online (Skype)
On your site (call out fee of $65 applies)


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