The source of most problems is a lack of communication or miscommunication.

This is the reason I am a strong believer that improving your communication skills can directly link to your success. I am at least convinced I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my career without the training in personality profiling from my business coach over 10 years ago. When I started coaching I thus thought it was important to source a really good tool to use with my clients.

How does it work:
The beauty of the tool I use is that it is easy to understand and to apply straight away in your daily life. You fill in an online questionnaire and attend my 1,5 hour long training.

• This will give you deeper insight into your own style, how you make decision and your priorities. Increased self-awareness by itself will help you. You take away a 17 page report on your style and how to apply it.
• You also learn to identify other people’s styles and appreciate how they tick.
• You then learn how to build bridges between the different styles, maximising the potential for a win-win situation.
• Next you learn about the advantage a diverse team can offer you and how to apply this model in a team.

There is no best style, so unlike IQ tests nobody will ever get worse or better results than anybody else. The trick is just to learn to maximise your unique potential.

Who is it for:
Anybody who is keen to improve their personal and professional communication skills. It helps with communicating with customers, employees, friends and family. Better communication delivers better results for everybody. I have had customers that do the training so that they e.g. become better in closing sales but then come back to me asking me to do the test and training for their spouse too as she/he really enjoyed reading the report and how it explained some of the frustrations in their relationship 🙂

I do this for teams as well and it is really powerful when you do it as a group. A team with diverse thinking styles is harder to manage but is proven to generate 66% better results thanks to the diversity. It is thus a real asset to teams to master to build those bridges with this training. I haven’t been on a management team myself that doesn’t use the model consciously.
It can also be used when designing marketing messages and material.

Price excl GST: $275 (includes test, report and training)

Contact me now to order your test.

Watch the video for more information.


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