The power of good communication skills

The source of most problems is a lack of communication or miscommunication. This is the reason I am a strong believer that improving your communication skills can directly link to your success. I am at least convinced I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my career without the training in personality profiling from my business […]

Your business coach, Iris Richter – her background

Ever wondered how I got into business? My passion for business started when I was a child and hasn’t cooled down yet. I am naturally curious about businesses. I love immersing myself in a business, identifying the hotspots and helping people maximise their potential. It gives me great satisfaction to see my customers´businesses go from […]

What happens in a business coaching session?

Some people wonder what happens in coaching sessions. My coaching sessions are designed to help you transition from being an expert in your field to a master of running a business. Achieve better work-life balance, bank account balance and more time to focus on what you really love to do. I offer you tools and […]

Rethink Your Business launch

Business Kitchen proudly launches its 4 session business workshop. Master running a business and reap the rewards. BOOK NOW to take advantage of the $70 early bird discount. Next workshop starts 7th of July. ARE YOU GETTING OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS AS MUCH AS YOU PUT IN? Going into business, you were passioned about your [...]

Welcome to Business Kitchen

Welcome to Business Kitchen´s new welcome video. I have been recording a few videos that I am now starting to share. Enjoy! Do you love what you do, but could use help on the business side of things? Business Kitchen offers: * Group training (workshops) * 1-on-1 business coaching Research reveals that business managers are […]

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